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"The Mouse Trap" - Sylvania Advantage
"Computer Tutor" - Toledo Free Press
Janis K. Weber, B.A. - Adjunct Professor
Serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan
Patience / Knowledge = Results

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OCT has been teaching computer skills to the community and small businesses since 1999. We explain the fundamentals, how to manage the files, folders and all that wonderful software. The simple hints we give you will be amazing. We can show you the fundamentals and also the advanced functions of all MS Office software.

> I will help you understand the Internet to its fullest capacity including safe usage of email and attachments. Everyone can learn from the World Wide Web, with more than 100,000 new pages being added per day. Amazing!

> General maintenance of your computer is critical to the safe operation. I will show you how to keep up to date and how to back up your files. I will update your computer, check for proper security software and keep you informed on where the life of your CPU stands. I can advise you on all matters.

Whether you want to join a CLASS or prefer PERSONAL in-home or in-office training. I can guide you through the maze of information. I can update your computer as well.

  • All Classes are open to the public

  • Personal In-Home / Office Help With Lots of Patience

  • References supplied upon request

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